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ESTA Research engages in comprehensive research

focused on the built environment and on the actors, policies, technologies and trends that shape it.

A key goal is to generate practical research results

that provide tangible benefits to individuals and

society as a whole.
















Missiehuislei 12

2920 Heide (Antwerp)


t: +32 497 82 60 90

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Research on Danish Woonerf Typologies.

Published in DASH/Delft Architectural

Studies on Housing 'The Woonerf

Revisited', no.3, June 2010.




Research on Collective Housing Typologies in Denmark. Partly published as 'Meervoudig Wonen naar Deens Model', Van Herck, De Meulder (eds) Wonen in Meervoud, Amsterdam, 2009. ISBN: 978 90 8506 7887